Intra LLC

Purchasing &


Intra LLC is established to source any kind of product our clients are looking to purchase. We look into domestic and international options that meet our clients’ requirements. Specializing in a specific product is where we exceed past our competition; we have various resources throughout the world that are capable of finding any product at its lowest possible cost.

Sourcing internationally tends to be a problem for sourcing companies based in the US mainly because they are not able to see the product they are purchasing. We have the ability to check the quality of each product that we source internationally as we have an office overseas that is meant to only check the quality of all work coming out of the manufacturing plants.

We stand ahead of all our competition because we continuously look for lower prices from our vendors; we build relationships with our vendors who tend to recognize us as a constant client allowing us to having more aggressive price points.

Though sourcing products may seem like a complicated procedure, we stay paramount making sure every step is kept organized and all communications to our vendors and clients kept up-to-date regarding each product.