Intra LLC

Core Business Services

Purchasing & Sourcing

We are able to source any product our client is inquiring; our purchasing staff is the best in negotiating any products price down to what we are looking to pay. We are not only able to source and purchase the product we are able to setup the delivery and the paper work that goes with international purchases.

Contract Furniture

Though there are various hospitality companies that offer contract furniture, they are no comparison to us, we are able to source a larger vendor list then most of our competition, we work for our clients is getting to lowest possible price without affecting the finish products quality. We also have great relationships with our manufacturing plants whose quality and craftsmanship has never let us or our clients down.

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding business is a constantly growing service; we provide a different service from our competitors. We not only plan out a deliveries and pickups, but we take into consideration all weather and road conditions that can delay or damage the fright and constantly inform our clients where their freight is located.

Custom Residential Furniture

Custom residential furniture is what we specialize in; we have the capability to overlook every piece due to us having a well-developed relationship with our local upholsters, frames and strainers. We make sure that quality and structure of the furniture is precise for what it is being used for.

Medical Instruments & Supplies

As the medical instrument industry has been developed for some time, we bring a service that stands out from our competition. We are able to source any instrument or supply at the lowest possible price point. We continue to learn about the product we source mainly to provide our client with additional information.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Supplies

We provide a complete streamline process for our clients when it comes to purchasing pharmaceutical packaging supplies. We are well-informed with pharmaceutical products and the procedures it takes to manufacture any sample to a production order.

Garment Fabrics

We believe in bringing the blood, sweat and tears of manufacturing back to America by only selling American Made Garment Fabric. Trends are setting with consumers choosing to spend a little more for the quality clothing rather than only looking at the bottom line price.

Product Packaging & Design

Clients who create a product come to us for packaging designs and advice, the service we provide saves our clients’ money and simplifies their production orders. We are capable of designing any kind of package ranging from the shelves in big box stores to using the packaging hand-in-hand with the product.

Wedding Supplies

We provide a numerous options of wedding supplies, everything from glass chargers, to Chiavari chairs, to white dance floors and foldable square and round tables. Though we are new to providing this service, our background in sourcing for domestic and international products allows us to find the best quality product.